Installation & Maintenance Recommendations

  • Ceramic Heaters are very flexible and can be made in large widths and one-piece construction for easy installation eliminating heat losses between narrow bands and sharply reducing labor cost in installation.
  • Before installation & during operation, the surface of the barrel and ceramic band heater must be clean and free from all contaminants that might liquefy under heat and find there way into the heater elements, carbonizing and becoming conductive. The smallest amount of contamination can cause electrical shorts creating heater failure.
  • Tighten the Allen bolt until the serrated edges become firmly in direct contact with the barrel to get the uniform contact. Do not over tighten, as to the point where serrated edges begin to collapse and thrust outwards. Unlike all other types of band heaters, Ceramic heater works on conduction and radiation principle and they do not require the same clamping force essential on all other types of band heaters.
  • To prevent the overheating and heater failure, adequate temperature controllers should be installed. Thermocouples must be kept free of contaminants and checked for good response to temperature changes. A bad thermocouple can be the cause of destroying an entire heating Zone.
  • Keep all electrical connections properly protected to avoid accident.
  • Never perform any type of service on heaters without disconnecting all electrical power.
  • Incorrect wiring is a common cause in heater burn out.
  • Qualified person should do the electrical wiring of heaters.