Termination Options

Ceramic Terminal cover on post terminals type (CI):

Post terminals provide optimum connections. Ceramic covers with openings for loads are screwed onto post terminals providing a convenient, economical insulator. Can be provided on heater length 50 mm or more.

High Temperature "Quick Disconnect" Plugs Type (PL):

This provide the simplest and fastest way to apply power to band heaters. This assembly eliminates all live exposed terminals and electrical wiring that can be potential hazard to employees or machine. Can be provided on heater length 40mm or more. Recommended for heater capacity up to 2.5KW.

Metallic terminal box connection type (ST):

Metallic terminal boxes that attach directly to the heater act as a safety feature by covering the terminals. Can be provided on heater of length 40mm or more.

Ceramic Block Type Termination (CN ):

Ceramic connector type terminal with metal protecting cover for easy wiring & wiring bunch . Easy to replace .

Clamping Options

Spring Loaded Clamping Type (ABS):

Allen bolt with Spring Loaded Clamping systems provides excellent grip of the heater mounted vertically. Recommended in all Die heaters.

Standard Allen Bolt Clamping Type (AB):

Allen bolt with standard clamping system generally used on all heaters.