Ceramic Die Heaters


  • Die of Extruder
  • Die of Blow moulding machines

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Ceramic Die Heaters manufactured in two halfs & provided with spring loaded clamping system provides excellent grip of the heater mounted vertically. Heaters are provided with inside cover to protect against frequent dismantling of dies.

For the dies of Extruders and Blow Moulding Machines.

Resistance + 10% -5% Overall Thickness 15 mm
Wattage +5% -10% Minimum Dia. 38 mm
Maximum Watt Density 8 watts / sq. cm. Minimum Width 25 mm
Voltage 220V AC to 480V AC Width - Normal multiple of 15 + 6mm
Maximum Temp. 800° C Std. gap between edges 5 to 10 mm

Ceramic Die Heaters-Ordering Information

  • Select from the sketch given below in which category your heater falls to ensure no fitment problem.
  • Give all necessary information preferably in millimeter.
  • We are in a position to manufacture and supply Ceramic Die Heater which do not fit any of the following sketch. Kindly give us detailed sketch.

Sketch No. 1: Ceramic Die Heater

Sketch No.2 : Ceramic Die Heater With Two Half Without Thermocouple Hole.

Legend /Technical Features / Technical Data

L Length Of Heater W Width Of Cutout
LI Location Of Terminal Box TI Depth Of Cutout
Inside Diameter Of Heater D1 Degree Of Terminal Box
T Location Of Thermocouple Hole D2 Degree Of Thermocouple Hole
THØ Thermocouple Hole Diameter D3 Degree Of Cutout
WL Wire Length

Terminal Variation Clamping Variations:

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Installation & Maintenance

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