Ceramic Insulated Heating Cooling Fins


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Historically, liquid cooled Cast-In Heaters have been the more frequently employed method of controlling the melt temperature of extrusion barrels. There is no doubt about the effectiveness and speed of liquid cooled castings in removing heat from the extrusion process. However, there are a number of drawbacks that primarily relate to maintenance-associated issues. Air Cooled Band Heaters are virtually maintenance free and therefore, when properly installed and applied, have the capability to far outlast their liquid cooled counterparts. Since cooling tubes are not used, the possibility of breakage, cracking or becoming clogged with brine or mineral deposits is not a concern.

Additionally, Air Cooled Band Heaters do not require an expensive cooling tower or heat exchange system, extensive plumbing systems and labor for installation. These factors along with the benefit of being maintenance free make Anupam's Air Cooled Band Heaters an economical and practical source for your extrusion heating and cooling application.

  • These Fins are available in width of 45mm, 60mm & 75mm.
  • Aluminium Fins take 25% & Copper fins takes 35% less time to reach set temperature of 350° C than standard Fins.
  • Aluminium Fins take 30% & Copper fins takes 35% less time for cooling from 350° C to 100° C than standard Fins.
  • If working temperature requirement is around 300° to 350° C, it is recommended to use Aluminium Fins as it is cost wise economical.
  • Aluminium & Copper cooling fins have a maximum operating temperature of 450° C.
  • These fins can also be used in mounting between heaters as cooling fins.